Replacing Your Oxygen Sensor As Part Of A Tune Up

The next time you tune up your vehicle, it's smart to replace the oxygen sensor. It's a small, electronic probe that does a big job. Your oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in your exhaust to tell your engine computer how much fuel it needs to run efficiently. So let's talk about oxygen sensors right here, right now. Welcome to the AutoZone DIY Garage. Oxygen sensors are usually called O2 sensors and as hard as they work to monitor the amount of oxygen in your exhaust, they wear out. Soot and carbon in the exhaust eventually kill the O2 sensors ability to take accurate measurements and send electronic signals to your car's engine management system. When that happens, it's time to replace it. You used to be able to manually adjust your engine's fuel mixture, but in today's cars, a computer does it. There's no way to clean or repair a clogged O2 sensor. When it's fouled or worn out, it has to be replaced and AutoZone has O2 sensors for just about every make and model. When your O2 sensor fails, your engine is likely to run with too much fuel, which leads to reduced fuel economy. But they fail gradually, so you probably won't notice a sudden change in your car's behavior. Little by little, a worn out O2 sensor will affect your gas mileage, power output, and drivability. It may even damage your catalytic convertor by clogging it, which prevent it from performing properly. That's a very costly repair that you want to avoid if you can help it. Did you know a malfunctioning O2 sensor is often the cause of the check engine light appearing on your dashboard. Bottomline, O2 sensors need to be replaced at regular intervals. So that's the story on replacing your oxygen sensor. It always helps to consult with someone you trust. For more details on O2 sensors or any other automotive subject, be sure to talk to the experts at AutoZone. Remember, parts are just part of what we do.


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