The 4P Process for Painting Your Vehicle: Prime

the prime step is essential for ensuring the smoothest and most durable foundation for your restoration project the finish first step system contains many of the products you will need to achieve a smooth even paint surface before you begin private make sure your vehicle has been properly prepared %HESITATION prepare the vehicle service for priming application you'll need to scuffs and the entire surface with the finish first maroon scuff path this will ensure consistent service and promote proper priming in Egypt blow up any seven degree with the air hose and mask off the area to protect any areas you don't want to play then clean the surface with a solvent solution that complain to your area finally tac officer first with a finish first tax law to remove any dust or fine particles although there are many ways to apply primer this suggested method will ensure the best results struck with the roof moved to the rear of the vehicle then down the driver's side greater hood next changing sides halfway through so you're right it is free on the passenger side of the vehicle over get destroyed the door jams and old crevices applying the primer in temperatures above or below the manufacturer's recommendation could result in sags runs or drying issues so it's best to refrain from spring outside the manufacturer's recommended temperature range over a flying the product but also because sags runs were drying issues so instead of spraying one heavy coat spray two or three even full wet coats made any distance of five to seven inches from the surface until a good film builders of cheese allow the primer to flash to a dole finish between coats the primary will air dry according to manufacturer's specifications keep in mind that the excess bill builds and cooler temperatures will expand drying times what's the primer is completely dry you can begin preparing to service for color application by using finish first abrasives three sixty through six hundred grit the service can be sanded wet or dry with six inch disk on a D. A. center or you may prefer to hand or block stand with waterproof sheets if you prefer to wait Sam have a soft squeegee handy to consistently white the service drive and checked for consistent finish please know that the process of removing all surface imperfections may require additional coats of primer to rebuild the primers thickness and will require the need to repeat the sanding process