Timing Belt Driven Water Pumps

what about failure is a distinct possibility for those who hang on to their cars for more than a few years but the pop rarely fails early on in the car's life the same is true of the timing and balance shaft built there are key engine parts on many cars so by the time the water pump requires replacement you will probably be close to or beyond the recommended service interval for replacement of the bells likewise if your vehicle has reached the recommended service interval for belt replacement the water pump is probably well worn built in water pump replacement have much in common in terms of the parts that have to be removed so doing both jobs at once is a good idea let's talk about why that's a good idea and how AutoZone can help you do the job right right here right now welcome to the auto zone D. I. Y. garage both water pump failures and timing but problems can leave you stranded so you don't want to Wade into on the side of the road to service these parts what's more on some vehicles the water pump is driven by the timing belt or the balance shaft built so wouldn't make sense to service just one of these parts auto stocks and sells timing belt water pump kids from most vehicles to have a timing belt driven water pump and autos on expert can tell you what's available for your vehicle some DO wires get a bit confused when the talk turns to engine belts because today's overhead camshaft engines may be equipped with two or three belts one is a serpentine belt that turns the accessories on the front of the engine it's usually visible and easily serviced the second bill is the timing belt that's when you don't see because it's behind the engine's front cover some engines might also have a third built the turns a balance shaft it too would not be visible either the timing belt or the balance shaft built are used to drive the water pump in some vehicles the timing belt is flexible and has teeth on one side that engage similarly to the police or the crankshaft and cam shaft the timing belt is driven by the crankshaft enters a camp chef at half engine speed keeping it in sync with the crankshaft and the engines operating cycles the cam of course opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves if the timing belt slipped a notch there engine won't run or will run poorly because the valves will be out of sync with the pistons fuel injection and ignition if the belt breaks the engine won't run at all what's worse many engines seventy percent of those equipped with timing belts are built with what's called an interference valve train that doesn't leave room for error if the timing is out of sync and the valves don't open and close at the right time they can crash into the pistons causing considerable damage or maybe even destroy the engine that's why automakers recommend timing belt replacement service intervals that can vary from about sixty thousand miles to one hundred thousand miles you don't want to wait until the bill breaks to replace it don't ignore the service interval and if your water pump should bill before you reach that mark replace the timing belt and or balance shaft build was servicing the pop did you know some overhead cam engines have timing chains rather than bills most chains are meant to last a long time and in some cases the life of the vehicle but why not just replace the water pump if it fails and waiting to your car which is a service interval mileage mark to replace the timing belt that's an easy one it just so happens that many of the parts that have to be removed to replace the water pump must also be in both the to get the timing and balanced sap dots on cars that are so equipped these bills are usually located behind the cover on the front of the engine and either my drive the water pump to ensure you'll have the parts you need to do both jobs autos on our first timing belt water pump kids from most vehicles equipped with timing belt driven water pumps this kid is for nineteen ninety seven Honda accord with the two point two liter engine depending on the application the kids may include a timing belt a balance shaft tensioner police hydraulic tensioners a water pump and water pump gasket that means that rather than running back and forth to your AutoZone store to get the parts you got the first time you can get the parts you need to do the job in kit form as you can see the Honda kit comes with the water pump timing belt balance shaft built balance shaft tensioner timing belt tensioner water pump seals and gaskets and instructions why so many parts it's never a good idea to replace the timing belt or balance shaft built without installing new hardware the job is too complex to risk having to do it again because an inexpensive part wasn't replaced like this tensioner failing to replace the hardware can reduce the life expectancy of when you build by as much as fifty percent timing belt replacement is a complex job quite a few parts have to be removed a most cars and the bill has to be installed with the canon crank in exactly the right position the water pump timing belt kids that are available for certain vehicles include detailed instructions we should also have a service manual on hand if you're going to attempt the job on any car truck study the repair manual procedure before attempting to job if you're not sure you can handle the task don't attempt it should also review the video went to replace your timing building components you'll find it in the autism video library that completes our explanation of why it's a good idea to replace the water pump and timing bill at the same time if you like more information just stop in and talk to an auto zone expert they can provide some tips that can help you do the work yourself and tell you exactly what's needed to get in the zone auto zone