Tire and Trim Shine

everyone Nick Rio grills garage he talked about a black sign tyrants and cutting black Chinese are most high gloss tire entry in dressing if the silicon based product so it's extremely durable can hold up to multiple washes and any adverse weather you may encounter so gonna give the character six make sure to hold the can upright in about six to eight inches away from the tire and then be sure you don't camp too long a one particular spot to avoid ones and drips as you can see it just works slowly back and forth going to finish this whole tire come back in twenty minutes and see how we like to finish okay so not finish applying tire I let it set up for about twenty minutes do the really nice spray pattern that we've got on our nozzle I'm seeing that I don't have any excess product buildup anywhere no drips or runs and I've got a really nice high gloss finish blacks and also has another great use in that's as a trim coating just be sure to apply black shine to Anne applicators such as a Blu details bunch NYC muse on any exterior trim surfaces to leave a nice high gloss shine much like we left on the tire thank you for watching be sure to visit grills garage dot com for more information on Black shine and happening you garage