Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Installation

safety is an important concern when working with the electrical systems of hybrid vehicles particularly when removing and installing hybrid vehicle batteries because of the high voltage that the batteries generate removing and installing hybrid batteries is an inherently dangerous activity and can lead to serious or even fatal injuries suitable training is essential before removing installing or servicing this product which should only be attempted by a qualified technician please attentively watch this video and read the technical specification sheets warnings instructions and safety measures that a company the product using the proper techniques and safety measures for removing installing or servicing hybrid vehicles batteries are your sole responsibility you personally assume all risks and responsibilities for any damage injury or death that result from your misuse of our products or from your failure to use the proper safety equipment or take the proper safety measures if you are not a qualified technician do not attempt to remove install or service hybrid vehicle batteries to complete this installation you will need the following tool deep sockets and ten millimeter twelve millimeter and fourteen millimeter a trim removal tool a ratchet or impact wrench with the six inch extension a cat three one thousand full rated voltmeter and Lee and high voltage loves with leather protectors that our last zero one thousand volt rated and remember when working with high voltage hybrid vehicle systems always wear insulating gloves Intel instructed to remove them to begin turn off the ignition and slide both front seats to their forward most position remove the twelve volt battery negative cable put on high voltage safety gloves to access the orange high voltage disconnect located in the right front of the trunk behind the cut out in the trim panel lift up on the handle while pulling out for and remove it from the vehicle store it in a secure area away from the vehicle next remove all trunk trim surrounding the battery pack and battery cooling fan as well as the trunk floor covering all the down both rear seatbacks using a trim removal tool removes all trim on the passenger side of the battery pack and fan we move the remaining duct work which are secured by push click remove the wiring plug from the battery cooling fan remove the bolts securing the cooling fan to the battery we moved the duct work on the side of the battery cooling fan the battery cooling fan can now be removed by sliding it out towards the passenger side remove the remaining duct work from the side of the truck remove the wiring harness clamps from the battery cover using a ten millimeters son remove the bolts securing the electronics cover to the seat side of the battery pack using the orange safety disconnect handle as a tool release the orange retainer clip on the electronics cover put on your high voltage safety glass remove the cover from the right side of the battery remove the wire terminal cover from the single black wire on the right into the battery note that although this wire is one it is the twelve volt positive battery terminal connected directly to the twelve volt battery and is alive constantly do not mistakenly connected to ground remove the wire harness blood from the right end of the battery and then check for voltage across both orange cable if the voltage is below thirty volts it is safe to work without your high voltage safety gloves we moved and retain the tune nuts securing the orange cables to the battery remove the battery vento using a twelve millimeter socket remove six bolts securing the battery to the floor place cardboard on the trunk floor with the help of an assistant slide the battery to the rear of the trunk and remove it from the vehicle simply reverse this procedure to reinstall paying close attention to the installation of the safety disconnect make sure the handle is pushed in a downward direction until it clicks after folding the handle once the installation is complete please use the following procedures when packing the original battery core for return shipment in credit the battery core must be intact and returned in the shipping container provided with the replacement battery the core must be the same part type an application as the purchase replacement unit do not right on the shipping container and finally contact the place of purchase for poor credit in shipping instructions for technical support visit W. W. W. dot dormant products dot com or call eight six six nine three three two nine one one this video is for general information purposes only dormant products incorporated makes no representations or warranties oral or written expressed or implied regarding the information contained in this video you are responsible for consulting and complying with all state and federal laws please consult with an A. S. E. certified automotive professional before any automotive repairs the entire risk as to the results and the performance of the information contained in this video is assumed by the viewer and in no event shall Dorman products incorporated or its customers be liable for any consequential incidental special or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information in this video