What is going on, guys, I am watched chair going today. I'm here with CRCS Pro break Clean. CRC is, of course, the number one selling brand of brake cleaner, and I use it for all my projects. This is the strongest break clean, and I used to quickly and effectively remove brake fluid grease and oil from every part of the braking system, especially on tough jobs like this. BMW X five as a quarter million miles on it and has spent most of its life on a dirt road brake. Clean pro has the power jet nozzle, and it will blast the dirt right out of this nasty braking system here. So here's our caliber, all the way down to the bare metal in just seconds. That's as soon as it drives. Ready to reassemble. The power jet can save you a ton of time by reducing the amount of time you spend wiping after you clean apart and break clean. Pro comes in this massive £1.13 ounce can. It'll surprise you when you go to pick it up off the shelf. There's way more brake cleaner in here than any of the other cans are going to find, and that is why you CRC Bricklin pro on all my projects


CRC Brakleen Pro Series Brake Parts Cleaner 13oz
CRC Brakleen Pro Series Brake Parts Cleaner 4oz