Welcome To AutoZone

hello and welcome to auto so we're so pleased that you decided to join this incredible vibrant and successful organization I'm bill Rhodes chairman president and CEO customer satisfaction and I want to take a few minutes to share some important things about our company with you at auto zone we have a unique and powerful culture of customer service our culture combined with you our auto is our most important asset issue to the first elements of our culture take a look at these all those owners as they recite %HESITATION wow that was amazing more than seventy thousand dollars order cross United States for Rico Mexico and Brazil no the four lines of the blood and put them into practice every day with every customer Adelanto because we routinely received comments from our customers wow by their experience with us we call these extra our stores listen to this excellent example dear Mr rose I'm writing to express our absolute delight at the unbelievable customer service offered to us recently by Christopher Cobb an employee at your Elmira road store in Ithaca New York this past Sunday August twenty six my husband and I are from a suburb of Rochester New York some very nice people said excuse me you've got steam coming out underneath your hood and we said %HESITATION thank you so much for sharing that with us how are we going to get back to Rochester the engine light was saying that we literally I think coasted down the hill from Ithaca college and and into the parking lot of an AutoZone store we went in the store and behind the counter was a gentleman named Christopher cab he told us what was wrong with the car he pointed out the host that was leaking %HESITATION he told us they sold that part at auto sound we bought the part right there in the parking lot and it's eighty five degree day change the host for us all while keeping other customers happy this is unbelievable can you believe it is doing he was changing the part for us I said to my husband I'm going to write a letter to the CEO of that company and tell them what a fabulous employee they have who felt so empowered to come out to the parking lot not only tell us what the problem was but actually fix the problem for us if Mr cab is any indication of the caliber of your AutoZone employees you should be very proud indeed please pass along our thanks and gratitude to him with warm regards Kelly white and I am an AutoZone customer today for a customer to take their precious time to write us about their experience is amazing you know the experience was exceptional and you know if they took the time to write us they also took the time to tell their friends and family about that experience that is powerful and that helps build our brand many companies have a mission or vision statement at auto zone we take it a step further we have a pledge for simple clear concise lines that got our actions in everything we do from our very first store in forest city Arkansas which opened on July fourth nineteen seventy nine until today our focus has always been to provide wow customer service to all of our customers all the time in the nineteen seventies our founder Pitt Hyde was the CEO of Malone and hot wholesome grocery business his grandfather found that they were concerned about the future of the wholesale grocery business so they decided to get into several other specially retail business is one of those businesses became autism when they look and auto parts they quickly realized that they could transform the industry by offering auto parts in clean well lit well merchandise stores for customers felt welcome and where they would receive unprecedented service the pledge applies to all of us regardless of what our job is or where we work in the company and the most important part of our culture is the first line of the pledge autos owners always put customers first in addition to the chair and pledge we have values that guide our actions you'll notice they all begin with an auto zone are always it doesn't say sometimes OR one convenient but always and autos owner always puts customers first about people strives for exceptional performance energizes others embraces diversity and helps team succeed I know this is a lot of information but I promise it'll become more natural as your career at AutoZone unfold there are many more elements of our culture you learn about in the coming weeks and months encourage each of you to embrace and embody our culture as you do you will fry was an auto zone and auto zone will continue to prosper for decades to come let's hear what some of our autos owners had to say about our culture and our room we have many cultural and because it helps to define who we are it all starts with the plates this carefully outlined our purpose each and every day four lines that apply to all auto AutoZone is always put the customer first simple and straight forward everything begins with the customer Sam brought as we all become expose what we do so we can provide our customers with or the advice our store is a great that is just part of creating a while shopping experience we've got the best merchandise at the right price the best is what our customers expect from us and that is what we offer we have acronyms by with a chair what it takes to the job right where the ship was point by point our first store manager back in nineteen eighty five with this philosophy for selling everything needed to the job right was poor and today immense striving to everything right the first time all the time is right in our stores with everything they need to do the job right from having the right plan a grant to deliver non time communications is all about taking care of the customer we also have got to going out to the customer automobile be surprised about the things you learn by taking that extra step it helps us identify additional items to address the brake fluid is all about identifying the customer's needs there's also drop stop thirty thirty this cultural I'm in this practice everywhere and has a simple purpose stop what you're doing greet the customer within thirty feet or thirty seconds be friendly listen assess the problem and provide a solution which lays and to provide a trust for the advice our customer rely on us to help them find a solution to their problem weather is something going on with their vehicle I question about a new kind of Graham for instruction on how to safely handle targets are these these the recycling part of being an orders onerous providing our customers with honest and helpful information it is extremely important at auto zone to recognize a job well done constant verbal recognition is commonplace during day to day activities recognition peons %HESITATION award for outstanding examples of customer service and positive behavior extra mile in perimeter a just a few of them and we wear them proudly without store disco we also have six values action statements that transcend language barriers and define us and all the communities we work and live in including the US Puerto Rico Mexico and Brazil as you heard from these autos owners we're a group with a unique culture that sets us apart from our competitors I'm very glad that you joined us and I hope you enjoy a long and rewarding career with this great company in closing I'd like to say as I often do every day is a great day to be in all its own welcome to autism welcome to auto sound welcome the autism welcome to auto zone welcome to orders a many of the sun in the AutoZone welcome sat alone welcome to auto zone