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1-16 of 16 Results


      Clay Bar and Paint Cleaners

      Detailing Clay Bar and Paint Cleaners for Your Vehicle

      Detailing clay is by far one of the best ways to spruce up a car or truck. By using one of these simple, easily-moldable, easily-usable products just twice per year, you can make your car, truck or SUV look its absolute best and bring out its true shine even after years of fading. At AutoZone, we have a selection of the best clay bar and paint cleaners for cars and trucks available so you can restore the shine to your ride and rest easy behind the wheel of a vehicle you're really proud to call your own.

      Keep Your Vehicle's Exterior in Top Shape

      If you run your hands along the outer surface of your car, it's probably a good idea to search up “clay bar and paint cleaners near me” and head into your nearest AutoZone store to pick up a package or two. Aside from the regular airborne debris that mucks up your paint job over time, your vehicle's appearance can be hampered by tree sap, tiny, embedded bits of glass and metal and dozens of other types of road-debris and pollutants. Clay bars glide over your paint and pick up these pollutants, ridding your paint job of them to leave it pure and unclouded. This is a great step to perform just before completing a full wax, as it ensures you're adding shine to a paint job that's looking its absolute best.

      Get the Job Done With These Great Detailing Tips

      Clay bars come in either natural or synthetic varieties, both of which are highly effective at getting paint back to its original, un-polluted state. The best part is that, though they are powerful enough to remove the most stubborn pollutants, these products are always gentle enough to refrain from causing any damage to your paint job during the process. That's because it in no way chemically alters the surface of your car throughout the cleaning process. Rather, these bars are made up of a combination of resin and clay, which are sticky enough to pick up any and all particles protruding from your pain while remaining a cohesive whole so the stickiness doesn't rub off in return. That being said, it's always a good idea to use a good spray lubricant when detailing your car in this manner. This prevents debris such as glass and dirt that's already been picked up by your clay bar from scratching your paint as you continue with the job.

      The Lowest Prices on Restoration Products

      At AutoZone, we always want to give our DIY-focused car and truck lovers the best of the best without breaking the bank. That's why we offer the lowest prices on clay bar and paint cleaners each and every day. We seek to save you as much money on your paint-restoration products as possible by offering services such as free in-store pickup for online orders and free advice and insight from trained employees in each and every location.