Rubbing and Polishing Compound

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    1-24 of 26 Results

    About Rubbing and Polishing Compound

    Wipe Away Unsightly Scratches With Quality Rubbing and Polishing

    You are proud of your car or truck, so keeping it looking great is important. However, life and scratches happen, no matter how careful you are. If you notice marks and scratches in your vehicle's finish, turn to AutoZone's wide selection of the best rubbing and polishing compounds for cars and trucks. Quality compounds make minor scratches and unsightly marks seem to disappear when used correctly. With our help, you can restore your vehicle's good looks without breaking the bank.

    Get the Best Results

    Basically, rubbing compounds work like fine sandpaper to smooth the surface of the paint. When paired with colored wax that matches your vehicle's paint, scratches are no longer visible. Proper application begins with cleaning your car. Compounds do not work well on dirty surfaces. After your vehicle is clean and dry, apply the compound to scratches with a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Use some pressure to rub it well into the unsightly marks. Use back and forth motions or a swirl movement to rub the compound onto your vehicle's surface. After application, expect the surface to look oxidized and dull. This is typical and nothing to worry about. At this stage, the compound is merely covering the marks. You will see the overall effect when you remove the compound with a soft cloth or a polishing machine. Remove the compound completely from the paint surface.

    Boost Your Vehicle's Appearance

    Enjoy the shiny, smooth, slick appearance. If you finish as previously suggested with a colored wax matching your vehicle's paint, the paint job will look fresh and new. Frequently, swirl marks appear once the compound is removed. This is not a mistake or a fault of any particular brand of compound, Rather, it is the nature of the product. Swirl marks are especially common on vehicles with dark paint. Should you notice swirl marks after you remove the compound, remove them easily with another product called swirl remover liquid, a cleaner and polisher often available in colors that is formulated to remove swirl marks and leave a glossy shine. To find the best selection of rubbing and polishing compounds near me, stop in at your local AutoZone. We are just around the corner.

    The Right Parts for a Great Value

    No matter what your vehicle's paint type is, come into Autozone for a wide selection of compounds and helpful advice on what product is best for your particular needs. We have the lowest prices on rubbing and polishing compounds and everything else you need to restore your vehicle to a shiny, glossy, smooth appearance. Come in and ask any questions you have about using compounds and ask for other maintenance tips, including the best types of wax and swirl remover products, or order from our convenient online store. We have everything you need to keep your car or truck looking new at the best prices around.