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1-1 of 1 Results


      3M Rubbing and Polishing Compound

      Scratches happen from everyday life. Whether a shopping cart scuffs your door or a tree branch etches a fresh memory into your hood, the effects are a less-than-perfect appearance. You don't have to accept it and move on, though, since a few minutes with 3M rubbing compound can erase most light blemishes. Find the best exterior care products where you buy your car parts, at AutoZone.

      Every scratch is unique and needs to be dealt with properly. If it's deep and has an edge you can feel with a fingernail, you'll need rubbing compound which is a more aggressive, abrasive substance. If you're trying to eliminate scuffs and swirl marks or restore shine, polishing compound is the right stuff for the job.

      How to Use 3M Rubbing and Polishing Compound

      On a clean painted surface, wipe a small dab of rubbing or polishing compound onto the area you're treating, using moderate pressure and moving in small circles. When you're done, let it haze over, then wipe it with a fresh, clean cloth. Re-apply as required. Whether you need polishing compound or 3M rubbing compound, AutoZone has it for you. Find brand name products at a great price every day with options like Free In-Store Pickup and Home Delivery available.