Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailing Spray 35oz
  • Thumbnail  Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailing Spray 35oz

Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailing Spray 35oz

Griot's Garage

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This is the finest spray and wipe cleaner and detailer available. Use speed shine more often than any other car care product. It's a fast, safe way to keep any painted surface clean and brilliant. A perfect between washes cleaner for your vehicles. A quick mist and light toweling removes dust and other foreign residue, leaving behind a brilliant surface. Forget about the puddle you just drove through, the dust cloud that landed on your paint or the bird that picked your car to relieve itself on. Speed shine removes bird droppings as quickly as possible, before they etch the paint. The best part is that it only takes ten minutes to detail your entire car. Special lubricants will not scratch your paint's surface. Perfect for all paints, clear coats, wheels, chrome and exterior plastic trim. Extends time between washes.

  • checkmarkSpeed Shine® maintains your car's lustrous finish between washings. Simply mist it on, gently wipe dry, and buff to a brilliant luster.
  • checkmarkGently loosens and lifts dust, pollen, smudges, and light grime
  • checkmarkPreserve your paint's "Just Washed" gloss
  • checkmarkAlso effective on moldings, wheels, and interior plastic trim
  • checkmarkSafe for use on paint protection films