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Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Wheel And Tire Cleaner 16oz

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For any dressing to work its magic properly, the rubber must first be ready to accept the product. Rubber Prep offers a much deeper clean, blasting silicones, sealants, waxes, oils, and greases off the surface, which is especially useful when you are changing the type of dressing you're using. Rubber Prep is an easy apply-and-wipe proposition; no scrubbing necessary! It's an odorless, solvent-based product that features ultra-low VOCs. So Rubber Prep has more cleaning power than our Rubber Cleaner.
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    Rubber Prep strips the surface of any and all dressing residue to create a truly clean slate that's ready for dressing.
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    Prepares rubber for proper final dressing
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    Odorless and contains ultra-low VOCs
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    Apply-and-wipe, no scrubbing needed