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Chemical Guys Jestream Fire Hose Nozzle

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The Jetstream Fire Hose Nozzle turns any normal garden hose into a high pressure water jet, a gentle fan sprayer, or completely shuts off the flow of water altogether with a twist of the wrist. The Jetstream Nozzle attaches to any standard garden hose and the fully-adjustable screw action sprayer puts out a powerful jet stream, wide gentle fan, and everything in between. Precision machined brass internals increase water pressure over 500%, which blasts away more dirt and debris in less time and with less water than with an open flowing hose. High grade materials can last a lifetime. One or two drops can destroy cheap nozzles, and leaving them out in the elements cause rust and permanent sun damage. The Jetstream nozzle is made with premium brass, insulated steel, and soft rubber components for ultimate durability. The heavy duty materials and casing resist damage from crushing, drops, and corrosion from water, UV sunlight, and time.
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    Shoot a strong stream of water
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    Blast away dirt, grime, mud, and more
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    Protect against accidental drops
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    Turn your garden hose into a water blaster
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    Gain complete control over water pressure