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Chemical Guys Mr. Sprayer Full Function Atomizer and Pump Sprayer

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Chemical Guys1142874
Part # ACC503
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Adjustable Spray Pattern
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Heavy duty, UV resistant plastic
Mr. Sprayer is the revolutionary new way to apply detailing liquids without any water hoses, buckets, power cords, or tiring your fingers: just prime, point, and effortlessly shoot a fine mist of product anywhere, anytime! Are you still endlessly squeezing that spray bottle and suffering from tired and cramped fingers? Meet Mr. Sprayer, the new way to effortlessly apply your favorite Chemical Guys detailing liquids! Simply prime the pump, adjust the nozzle from fine mist to jet stream and get spraying for your quickest and easiest detail ever. Simply use the pre-labeled measuring marks on the side of the heavy-duty 50oz UV-resistant bottle to dilute your favorite Chemical Guys detailing liquid. The locking trigger allows you to shoot an endless supply of waterless wash, detail spray, glass cleaner, After Wash, and more for a detailing experience like you’ve never had before!
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    Effortlessly apply your favorite detailing liquids
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    Give those tired fingers a rest
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    Detail with ultimate precision and accuracy
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    Save water, time, and money
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    Detail with no noise, electricity or waste