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Chemical Guys Ultimate Fire Hose Nozzle

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Chemical Guys1145630
Part # ACC2009
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The Ultimate Fire Hose is a fully adjustable fire hose nozzle that attaches to your standard garden hose to spray a range of water patterns from strong stream of water to a gentle fan. The Ultimate Fire Hose uses an internal precision drilled design to create 400% more water flow than a standard nozzle. The nozzle is fully adjustable to create many different water spray patterns, from strong stream to a gentle fan. Easily blast the dirt off any vehicle in seconds with the power and durable Ultimate Fire Hose! The solid frame is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with a corrosion-resistant anodized coating that lasts for years of use without rusting. The durable rubber grip allows for complete control of the water stream and protects your car from scratches if accidental contact occurs. The Ultimate Fire Hose uses dual internal o-rings to create a strong seal and maintain control of water flow.
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    Shoot strong stream of water to blast off dirt
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    Rinse your car with a gentle fan of water
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    Turn your hose into a high pressure water shooter
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    Save water with a simple twist of the wrist
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    Speed up the car washing process