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1-24 of 748 Results


      Canister Purge Valve

      Do your part to save the planet by making your ride more eco-friendly and investing in a brand-new canister purge valve from AutoZone. Replacing or upgrading your valve ensures that it works effortlessly to measure the quantity of fuel vapor that's reprocessed into the fuel vapor storage, instead of releasing harmful toxins and gases into the atmosphere. AutoZone has you covered with an assortment of canister purge valves for your car, truck and SUV, so you can easily find the perfect replacement part for your exact make and model.

      Whether you're shifting into third gear on the highway or traveling off-road during the weekends, your vehicle's emissions system and performance rely on the canister purge valve. Because a canister purge valve directs fuel vapors into the engine to be burned completely, it's essential for this component to be fully functional.

      One symptom of a faulty valve occurs when blockage forms at the opening, which produces a back-up of both air mixture and fuel. Contaminated valves can also affect performance, as particles that get lodged in the way of the valve can prevent it from opening and closing properly. A canister purge valve that's stuck in the open position or that doesn't fully close can result in a small vacuum leak, leading to poor acceleration and a rough idle. Conversely, a valve that's stuck in the closed position prevents evaporated fuel from being burned in the engine, which can ultimately lead to emissions system failure.

      Whether you need a canister purge valve replacement for Ford Explorer or are searching for a Ford Taurus evap canister purge valve, AutoZone supplies the right replacement for your specific vehicle. Stop by your local store to find the perfect canister purge valve for your ride or order from us online.