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1-24 of 45 Results


      Power Inverter

      Add alternating current (AC) outlets to your vehicle and power your favorite electronic gadgets with an AC power inverter from AutoZone. With dependable brands like Duralast, Energizer, and PowerBright, we have the best car power adapter for you. Get free shipping with next day delivery or pick up your inverter at an AutoZone near you.

      Cigarette lighters are nifty for charging small electronic devices like cell phones and DVD players, but what if you want to plug in TV? Or a computer? Car batteries run off direct current (DC) power. This means that current continuously (and directly) flows from the battery's negative terminal, through the circuit, to the positive terminal.

      Need an AC power source in your vehicle? AutoZone has DC to AC inverters for all your power conversion needs. Add power outlets and USB ports with converters rated between 100 and 3,500 watts of power or get PowerBright's pure sine wave DC to AC converter that provides premium power that is identical to or even better than the power supplied by your electric company.

      Plugging into the cigarette lighter power port, the inverter takes direct current from your vehicle, amplifies the voltage, and converts the current to AC. Alternating current constantly changes polarity, causing the current to reverse after completing the circuit to retrace the path it just took. In the USA, AC makes this journey and its reverse around 60 times per second. AC power is more reliable at high voltages and can be more easily modified by transformers.

      Alternating current makes a sine wave, but power inverters are not always as precise. Pure sine wave inverters output clean AC that is like the current distributed by home utilities companies, whereas modified sine wave adapters attempt to approximate the AC sine wave. Some gadgets are sensitive to this, and can give off a feedback hum, but many gadgets work with either. When clean power is crucial, a pure sine wave inverter can be crucial. For most applications, a more affordable modified sine wave adapter will work just as well.

      Get the power you need with an AC power inverter from AutoZone.com for free next day delivery or same day in-store pick up.