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Duralast New Camshaft Position Sensor SU6364
  • Part # SU6364
  • Warranty: 
Notes: New part design, Sensor with round metal body replaces plastic sensor with flats sides. Must turn plug 180° to connect.


Camshaft Position Sensor

If you're getting ready for a camping excursion or cross-country road-trip, it's crucial that your ride's engine is in top-notch condition. A properly functioning camshaft position sensor can prevent your vehicle from stalling, ensuring that you'll reach your next destination safely. Avoid engine sputtering and-at worst-getting stuck on the side of the road by investing in one of the quality camshaft position sensors that we stock at AutoZone.

All that horsepower underneath the hood isn't going to help your vehicle if your cam position sensor fails. A defective sensor can cause your vehicle's engine to stall without notice at any time. A faulty sensor can also cause your engine to misfire, since the spark timing is thrown off.

Choosing a top-grade camshaft position sensor from AutoZone can positively affect your ride's performance by boosting its fuel economy and engine speed. Plus, a replacement cam position sensor can effectively be used in an internal combustion engine to monitor the rotational speed of the crankshaft.

Check out our unbeatable assortment of camshaft position sensors the next time you visit your local AutoZone or browse our online selection. We offer these sensors for your specific make and model, so whether you want Chevy Silverado camshaft position sensors or a cam position sensor for F150 pickup trucks, you're sure to find everything you need when you rely on AutoZone. Take advantage of our Same Day Store Pickup policy if you need your camshaft position sensor immediately.