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Drooping headliners, cracked dash boards and falling-down visors are nothing but an eyesore. When it's time to update the interior of your vehicle, look no further than AutoZone. Here you can find the replacement dash covers, headliners and visors you need to restore your cabin. A dash cover is perfect for protecting your dash from sun damage, and they're available in numerous colors and materials. Replacement headliner and visors are easy and affordable to replace - there's no need to head to a body shop.

Try as we might to avoid it, UV rays crack and damage your interior. So, invest in AutoZone's dash covers, headliners and visors. With our wide variety of colors and materials paired with custom fit designs, AutoZone has everything you need.

Our dashboard covers are designed to mold around your cup holders, speakers and any other unique feature. If it's time to swap out your headliner, we have a multitude of products to choose from. From suede to synthetic carbon fabric, there's one to fit your style. While you're at it, protect your eyes from the sun's mighty rays with one of our visor replacement kits - they're universal and easy to install.

Whether you want suede headliners for Taurus or a Ford Mustang dash cover, AutoZone caters to all of your needs. Let AutoZone protect your ride and use our Same Day Store Pickup option - just drop by one of our stores to receive your items after you order online.